Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Hello! So recently I found out about this great make up brand, illamasqua. I am a great fan of watching make up tutorials on YouTube and noticed that a few of the guru's were using these amazing products.

After checking out the website I was so excited to buy something but literally couldn't decide on what to get! Before searching the site I really wanted to get my hands on a lovely pink, cream blush. I am really loving the cream blushers at the minute, they blend better into the skin than a powder and I love the dewy glow it gives to your cheeks. So anyway, while on the site I decided to take a look at illamasquas collection of blushers and instantly fell in love with the colour 'Promise'. It's a doll like pinky colour that really gives cheeks an instant pick me up. It's so soft to touch and easy to blend. What I really like about the colour is that it is great for summer but as it's not too bright it would look lovely in the colder months as well. The staying powder is pretty great too!

So the other product I bought is this gorgeous gleam highlighter in the colour 'Aurora'. This is the first cream highlighter I have used as I normally tend to grab my Dior Amber Diamond which is a powder. Like the blush, it is so easy to blend on to the skin and as it is a cream it tends to have less shimmer than a powder so really gives more of a healthy glow rather than a sparkle, so great to use during the day! I love blending this onto my cheek bones and on the arch of the brow bone.

Have you got any illamasqua make up products? What do you recommend I try out next?

Thanks for reading guys.
Love Becca....X

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