Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Halloween Rag Doll Makeup...

Hi guys! So it was Halloween last week & one of my friends was having a Halloween party. I didn't want to spend a fortune on a costume so I thought an effective makeup look would work just as well. A friend suggested we dress up as rag dolls (pretty easy to get a costume together) & that I would do the makeup. I searched the net for inspiration and thought some of the looks would be easy enough to recreate. So I bought a few Halloween makeup palettes, had a play around and ended up looking like this...

I started off with mixing my foundation with a white face cream that I bought from Clinton's just to make my face look more porcelain like. I then used an eyeshadow palette by Sleek and sweeped bright pink eyeshadow all across my lid right up to the brow brown. I blended in darker shades of pink and red to add more definition. I then lined the lash line with a black gel eye liner and added on false lashes.

To create the "wide eye" doll look, I extended my lower water line using the same white face cream and a small brush. I then set it with white eyeshadow and then lined that with the gel eye liner. I then popped on false lashes. 

I added a bright pink cream blush to the cheeks and drew on the lips using a lip liner brush and MAC Rebel lipstick. To draw on the stitches from the corners of the mouth I used the same black gel liner and a fine liner brush.

To make it look extra scary I used fake blood just below the tear duct on one eye to make it look like I was crying blood! 

Hope you like the look and had a great Halloween!

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