Thursday, 29 March 2012

DIOR & BOBBIE BROWN Makeup Palettes...

How pretty is this DIOR Garden Clutch Makeup Palette? The packaging is gorgeous and the colours for the eyes & lips look stunning, this is definitely going on to my wish list.
It would make a great present for anyone's birthday or perhaps you could persuade your boyfriend to treat you, after all we do like to look our best for them!
This set contains:
3 x Eye shadows
2 x Lip glosses

Available at at £55.00

Another makeup palette that I want to add to my collection is the BOBBIE BROWN Ultimate Party Collection. This palette is what every girl needs to create a great look for out on the town and would fit perfectly in your hand bag so you can touch up at any time.
This set contains:
4 x Metallic eye shadows in Navajo, Plum Steel, Antique Gold & Black Topaz
2 x Eye shadows in Pewter Chrome, Plum Navy
Shimmer wash eye shadow in Chrome Patina
Sparkle eye shadow in Crushed Granite
4 x Glitter lip gloss in Rave, Soiree Pink, Iced Lilac & Tinsel
Mini lip brush
Mini eye shadow brush

Available at John Lewis for £53.10

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hair Care Remedies...

Hi guys! So the weather has been amazing over the last few days and people have definitely been making the most of it! I love Spring, it is my favourite time of year. The evenings are getting lighter, blossom is covering the trees and what with all the bank holidays coming up life is pretty good.

As the sun has got it's hat on I started to think about the summer holidays and my trip to Ibiza! The sun can really take it's tole on my hair and as I have mentioned before I am trying to grow it so keeping it in good condition is vital, especially as the heat and salty sea water can really dry it out! So I thought I would tell you about my favourite hair care products.

I really like Andrew Barton's S.O.S. Help Me! Twice A Week Conditioner. It contains Shea butter & Frankincense so smells divine, doesn't weigh the hair down and boosts volume and shine. Plus it will nourish the most damaged of locks making them smooth and silky, perfect if you tend to colour your hair or use heated appliances.

I have to admit I never used to bother with heat protective spray and I straighten my hair most days, unforgivable I know! But I started to feel sorry for my hair and knew that a heat protective spray would help prevent further damage. Now I use Andrew Barton's The Straight Answer! Hot Iron Protection Spray. You can use it on either wet or dry hair, which is great if you also use straighteners everyday and adds a bit of shine. I will be bringing both of these products in my suitcase for my holidays.

Check out the rest of Andrew Barton's hair care products Whether you are blonde, brunette, have frizzy hair or want to boost volume there is something to suit everyone and all products are exclusive to ASDA. Now who doesn't want Shiny Happy Hair?

Monday, 26 March 2012

Love Rite Set by NARS...

So I was having a look round the make-up counters in House Of Fraser yesterday admiring all the lovely new colours for Spring. As I was eyeing up NARS new collection for 2012 I noticed a lovely gift set that contains a collection of pinks and peaches to create a fresh, bright look for Spring!

Products include two lip glosses, Turkish Delight - a pink sorbet colour and Greek Holiday - a sparkling, pink sand colour. It also contains a cute mini blusher duo of NARS most popular colours, Desire & Amour. A lovely delicate pink shade and a peachy/pink which would look great on darker skin. Last but not least is the Orgasm Illuminator (ooh naughty!) that adds a lovely golden shimmer to the skin, great to highlight cheeks and brow bones. The make-up artist on the counter was loving this product and said it has been a massive seller!

The set retails at £39.00 but has a value of £53.00 so you may think it sounds expensive but you are saving a lot. I am hoping to get this as a little treat for my summer holiday to Ibiza!

Thanks for reading guys.

Love Becca...X

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Real Techniques Core Collection...

Hi everyone, hope you have all been enjoying this wonderful weather! So a few weeks ago I blogged about a set of eye brushes from the Real Techniques range and was so impressed with them I wanted to buy a set for the face, the Core Collection.

So the first brush on the left is the foundation brush. Use this with a liquid foundation to build a smooth, custom coverage. Then we have the contour brush, this can be used to delicately apply bronzer to define cheekbones or with a highlighter to create a sheer, soft-focus finish. The smaller brush in the middle is the detailer brush. This is perfect to conceal problem areas such as spots or to cover dark circles under the eyes. Alternately it can also be used as a lip liner brush to create shape and definition. Finally we have the buffing brush, this is ideal if you want a full coverage application of liquid, powder or mineral foundation. And just like the Starter Set, it all comes with a handy case to help keep your brushes organized or take them on the go.

The Core Collection set retails at £21.99 from Boots. If you are thinking of buying anything from the
Real Techniques range, Boots are offering 3 for 2 across a range of makeup and accessories so grab yourself a great set now!

Love Becca...X

Friday, 16 March 2012

Tangle Teezer...

Hi everyone, happy Friday! So today I thought I would blog about my favourite hair brush, an essential tool in every girl's life! Unfortunately my hair gets extremely tangled, especially when wet and dragging any old hair brush through my tresses started to take it's tole.

I have been growing my hair for a while now so when it's time for a hair cut I only ask for a trim, even though I can see the hairdresser staring at all my split ends and recommending I get at least an inch off. Not what you want to hear when it's nearly at your ideal length! So she recommended that I try a new hair brush to prevent hair breakage, the Tangle Teezer.

First of all it doesn't look like any normal hair brush, there is no handle but fit's perfectly in the hand. The brush and the bristles are made of plastic but it still manages to glide smoothly through the hair even when wet and de-tangling without dragging or pulling your locks, preventing those dreaded split ends. It also makes the hair look super glossy.

This is a product I adore and I have really noticed a difference in my hair. It takes a fraction of the time to brush through and it has kept my hair in great condition. It's also a perfect size to put in your handbag so you can brush on the go!

I bought my Tangle Teezer from Boots for £10.99 and the colour is Bubblegum Pink!

Take a look at the other products that are available in the Tangle Teezer range

Have a great weekend and Happy St.Patrick's day! Love Becca...X

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Oh Naturale...

Last night I tried to film my first make-up tutorial using my sister as a model and my mum as the camera man! Well I have never laughed so much, every time I went to talk my mum would burst out in hysterics then that would set me off and then Olivia would start laughing, not exactly what I was hoping for! So after around 5 takes I decided not to film but just take a few shots of the look afterwards.

Using some products I have recently blogged about including the Real Techniques Starter Set I wanted to create a very natural/day time look on Olivia. Here are the end results with a list of all the products I used...


  • MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation in NW15
  • Estee Lauder Blusher & Bronzer
  • GOSH Eyebrow Kit
  • Barry M Lipstick in Colour 153
  • No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara
  • Collection 2000 Eyeshadow Palette - Smokey Eyes
  • Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder - Sandstorm
  • Eyelene Lashstudio Eyelashes
  • Real Techniques Stippling Brush
  • Real Techniques Starter Set Eye Brushes
  • Soap & Glory Hocus Focus Lotion
Hope you like it & thanks for reading my blog!

Love B...X

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Real Techniques Starter Set...

Hi everyone, hope you all have had a great weekend. Recently I have been watching a few make-up tutorials on You Tube and I came across two make-up artists who go by the name of Pixiwoo. I literally have become obsessed with watching their tutorials so to find out one of them has launched their own range of make-up brushes I wanted to share with you guys.

I checked out the website first so I could find out more on prices, where to buy and of course the best way to use them. I decided to go for the starter set, a range of different brushes for the eyes, a set that comes with 5 full-size brushes plus a handy case. 

So to start with we have a base brush, this provides a smooth, flawless foundation of colour.
Then we move on to the deluxe crease brush, great for contouring and super soft. The smallest brush in the middle is an accent brush, this is designed for detailing, spotlighting, highlighting and smudging. It also has a pixel-point eyeliner brush and at the end is the brow brush, great for defining eyebrows and creating a distinctive shape.

The whole range of Real Techniques brushes is available from Boots, this starter set is priced at £21.99.
I honestly think this a great deal, other brands can be so expensive most of which cost over £20 for just one brush! So I hope you agree that for 5 brushes plus a case is really great value for money.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Love Becca....X 

Friday, 9 March 2012

Think Pink...

Hi guys I recently watched an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashions (one of my fav reality shows by the way!) and Kourtney & Kim were both sporting fluorescent pink nails. The colour was so bright I couldn't help but notice and I thought I must have that colour for summer. I tried out a few different shades of pink but none of them were bright enough and I was desperate to get my hands on one that was really luminous. My sister works at Shona Claire beauty salon in Luton and always has her nails painted a different colour using the products at the salon. One day she came home with her nails painted fluorescent pink! The nail polish was by Bio Sculpture Gel #101 Luminous Watermelon Sorbet and the colour looked just as yummy as it sounds.

Bio Sculpture Gel is a treatment that nurtures the nail bed while making them look fantastic. It won't chip or damage your nail but will protect and strengthen, great if your nails are in need of a little TLC. Plus with over 150 colours to choose from, everyone will be spoilt for choice.

Fancy treating your nails? Why not phone Shona Claire on 01582 730 338 and book your self in for a manicure and choose from their fantastic range of Bio Sculpture Gel polishes.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Drink Real Tea...

Hi everyone! So this isn't a beauty blog for you guys today but I really wanted to share with you my love for teapigs! My new year resolution was to cut down on the caffeine so I decided to start drinking fruit & herbal teas. I saw these pretty teabags at my work place so tried the Ginger & Lemon one and it was so tasty I went on to their website to find out more.

Teapigs claim that they are real tea, not that processed powder stuff you get in other teabags. The teabag is actually a tea temple which inside you can see the whole leaf tea, the whole leaf herbs and whole flowers, which looks very pretty. Now I must admit I am a bit of a tea snob so these are perfect for me and the range of different flavours they provide is amazing, I have so many favourites, Peppermint, Chai tea, Chamomile, Super fruit, Mao feng green tea, Darjeeling earl grey, I could go on plus they have some great health benefits to. They are naturally caffeine free and the benefits from drinking green tea can help aid weight loss and anti-ageing, love it!

So if your really into your healthy teas or want to treat yourself to something new check out their website and become a real tea drinker!


Monday, 5 March 2012

Brilliant Brushes...

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great weekend, even though it went super fast! I went shopping on Saturday and wanted to treat myself to some new make-up brushes. I have tried out some cheap brushes before but they never last too long or the bristles aren't soft enough and I regret paying for the really expensive brands so when I came across these I thought I would definitely try them out. It's not a brand I have heard of before but what caught my eye was first of all the price and then the packaging.
They are called ecotools earth-friendly beauty. All the products are made from earth-friendly materials and 1% of EcoTools annual sales is donated to 1% For The Planet, a group of charities who are committed to making our planet healthier.

So I opted for two brushes, the Bamboo Blush Brush retailing at £7.99 and the Bamboo Finishing Kabuki Brush priced at £9.99 both from Boots. The handles are made from bamboo and the synthetic taklon bristles are 100% cruelty free plus extremely soft! You can also re-use the packaging as a handy pouch to keep your brushes in.

If you are all wondering what a Kabuki brush is you can use it for powder, blusher or bronzer to create a sheer finish to your make-up look. It's also really good for blending your final look together so you are not left with any harsh lines - bonus!
BAMBOO finishing kabuki

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Looking LUSH...

After going through all the different face masks at Lush I finally decided to go for this one,
BB Seaweed. I chose this one because I know that Seaweed is supposed to be really good for you and I liked the sound of the mask beautifying my skin! Some face masks can have a really strong smell which puts me off using them but this one was really subtle and fresh. I have used it a few times now, it's a bit hard to rub onto the skin as some of the seaweed is quite big (also looks a bit weird so make sure you do it when no one is around!) Once on it does make the skin feel really tight but I think that's a sign it's doing something! Leave on for 10mins then wash off, I then like to apply my fav moisturiser that I have already mentioned below! And voila you have soft, replenished skin. x


BB Seaweed Packaging

Face mask
Take a look at all the other products available at