Thursday, 8 March 2012

Drink Real Tea...

Hi everyone! So this isn't a beauty blog for you guys today but I really wanted to share with you my love for teapigs! My new year resolution was to cut down on the caffeine so I decided to start drinking fruit & herbal teas. I saw these pretty teabags at my work place so tried the Ginger & Lemon one and it was so tasty I went on to their website to find out more.

Teapigs claim that they are real tea, not that processed powder stuff you get in other teabags. The teabag is actually a tea temple which inside you can see the whole leaf tea, the whole leaf herbs and whole flowers, which looks very pretty. Now I must admit I am a bit of a tea snob so these are perfect for me and the range of different flavours they provide is amazing, I have so many favourites, Peppermint, Chai tea, Chamomile, Super fruit, Mao feng green tea, Darjeeling earl grey, I could go on plus they have some great health benefits to. They are naturally caffeine free and the benefits from drinking green tea can help aid weight loss and anti-ageing, love it!

So if your really into your healthy teas or want to treat yourself to something new check out their website and become a real tea drinker!


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