Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hair Care Remedies...

Hi guys! So the weather has been amazing over the last few days and people have definitely been making the most of it! I love Spring, it is my favourite time of year. The evenings are getting lighter, blossom is covering the trees and what with all the bank holidays coming up life is pretty good.

As the sun has got it's hat on I started to think about the summer holidays and my trip to Ibiza! The sun can really take it's tole on my hair and as I have mentioned before I am trying to grow it so keeping it in good condition is vital, especially as the heat and salty sea water can really dry it out! So I thought I would tell you about my favourite hair care products.

I really like Andrew Barton's S.O.S. Help Me! Twice A Week Conditioner. It contains Shea butter & Frankincense so smells divine, doesn't weigh the hair down and boosts volume and shine. Plus it will nourish the most damaged of locks making them smooth and silky, perfect if you tend to colour your hair or use heated appliances.

I have to admit I never used to bother with heat protective spray and I straighten my hair most days, unforgivable I know! But I started to feel sorry for my hair and knew that a heat protective spray would help prevent further damage. Now I use Andrew Barton's The Straight Answer! Hot Iron Protection Spray. You can use it on either wet or dry hair, which is great if you also use straighteners everyday and adds a bit of shine. I will be bringing both of these products in my suitcase for my holidays.

Check out the rest of Andrew Barton's hair care products Whether you are blonde, brunette, have frizzy hair or want to boost volume there is something to suit everyone and all products are exclusive to ASDA. Now who doesn't want Shiny Happy Hair?

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