Wednesday, 12 December 2012

All Things Princess...

Hey guys! Recently myself and another blogger have been tweeting each other over the past few weeks and we decided to do a beauty tag on our blogs! We each asked 10 questions to one another so we can post the answers on our blogs. Clair is the fabulous owner of all things princess, her blog is really fun and great for those who love pink! Clair is also doing a beauty giveaway so makesure you check out her blog now!

So I sent Clair my 10 questions and here are her answers below!

1. What made you start writing a blog?
MAC Blush in Peaches
Ive been reading beauty blog's and watching youtube beauty videos for about 2 years and thoroughly enjoyed them. So last year i decided i wanted to start a blog of my own! but really didn't have the time. But at the start of this month i decided its now or never...i love everything makeup and beauty but sometimes i just love writing down my thoughts and ramblings, i look at it like a diary for myself that i share with the public ha ha .

2. If you could only use 3 makeup products for the rest of your life, what would they be?
1) I couldn't live without foundation, just makes my skin look even (i hate how i look without it)
2) MAC blush in peaches it always gives me that pop of colour I need
3) Mascara ....mascara gives eyes that instant awake look that I love.

3. What's your favourite makeup item currently in your makeup bag?
Urban Decay Naked Palette
Oooohhh this is a hard one because I love everything in their ha ha. I have to say its probably my Naked palette it's served me well over the last year , i can create so many eye looks with it.

 4. What's the most expensive item in your makeup bag?
I think this once again is my naked palette this cost me i believe £32 but worth every penny .

5. If you could give anyone a makeover, who would it be?
I would love to give my mum a makeover ......she don't own any makeup and does the same things to her hair day in day out, so i think i would love to create a whole new look and spoil her.

6. Do you have any beauty items on your Christmas list this year?
I don't, but have asked for money which will probably go on something to do with beauty.

7. When your in a hurry, what makeup item do you always go for first?
Foundation, if i have my foundation on i conquer anything haha

8. What other beauty blogs do you recommend others should read?
Sprinkle of glitter
Stephs world of makeup
buttons blog
and yours... beauty spot
I've really enjoyed reading all these

9. What's the most enjoyable thing about writing your blog?
I feel like this is my own little "me" space , so is lovely to come write about things that make me happy ....but what I really enjoy  is having nice comments and twitter messages regarding my blog, makes me very Happy .

10. Do you have any beauty tips/tricks? If so what's your best one?
Vaseline Lip Therapy
I think everyone should look after their skin so always remember to remove make up and cleanse, tone, moisturise.
For great feeling lips apply a layer of Vaseline before bed and in the morning you will have a perfect pout.
Seal cheaper eyeliner in with black (or desired colour) eyeshadow on a flat angled brush for long lasting eyeliner.
Eyebrows...don't over pluck!!to make sure you don't do it!! ,put the tweezers against your nose (down) anything on the nose side of the tweezers remove. Then other side slightly move the tweezers so they form a diagonal line to the edge of your eyebrow anything the ear side remove (hope I've made sense lol) this way it will make sure you don't remove more than you should.

Thanks to Clair for doing this & if you want to check out my answers to her questions then click here 

Thanks guys, love Becca...X

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