Monday, 13 May 2013

CLINIQUE a different nail enamel...

Clinique have launched a brand new collection of nail polishes this month and after seeing Pixiwoo rave about them on their YouTube video, I had to follow and purchase my own. Nic was wearing a beautiful green colour on her nails, which she said she had been getting loads of compliments on. And what with 'green' nails being very in at the moment (essie & Revlon also have some great shades) I decided this was the colour I was going to trial.

Colour 17, Hula Skirt, is a really pretty, almost Granny Smith Apple shade of green. It's quite an unusual colour that most people would probably be afraid of, but I think we can all get away with having quite eccentric colours on our nails and there are so many wacky colours out at the moment. It's limited edition so if you like the look of it then I suggest you get it quick.

What's different about these Clinique polishes is that they are suitable for sensative eyes and skin and Pixiwoo made a very strong statement saying that they are the longest wearing nail polishes they have ever tried! I can't really say the same at the moment as I have only had it on for a day but so far so good!

There are 19 colours in the collection and are available now from all Clinique stands at £12 each. If you want to check out Pixiwoos review on them then click here.

Love Becca...X

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