Thursday, 23 May 2013

Michael Mercier Detangling Brush...

One of my best purchases in 2012 was definitely my Tangle Teezer brush! It literally could do no wrong in my eyes but as a blogger I'm always on the look out for something new. So when I came across this similar looking brush from Michael Mercier, I had to try!

What's different about this brush is that it has a handle for a start. I think a lot of people found the Tangle Teezer slightly annoying to hold, sometimes it would miraculously slip out of my hand and fling across the room unexpectedly! It also boasts 428 bristles, all at different heights so it really combs itself through every inch of hair, something that I don't think the Tangle Teezer did!

It doesn't feel as soft on my hair but saying that it really feels that my hair is getting a decent brush and I would say it's better than the Tangle Teezer for not breaking any of my hair.

What I also love about this brush is that they come in 3 colours for different hair types. Pink for fine hair, Green for normal and Blue for thick afro/curly hair. They also have a range of brushes for the little  ones as well! I just wish they would bring out a brush for pets, my Bree hates having her fur brushed so I wonder if she would find something like this more enjoyable!

So to sum it up I still LOVE my Tangle Teezer and will certainly carry on using it but I think for my long hair the Michael Mercier brush slightly pips it to the post!

I would love to know what brush you prefer or if you haven't tried either of them what would you go for?

Love Becca...X


  1. I'm looking to test the Scaredoo

    1. The Scaredoo performs better than any other hairbrush on the Market today and it's 2 brushes in one so better value than the rest too.

  2. I ve heard about the Scaredoo . Has anyone tried one yet.