Friday, 4 October 2013

nspa fruity goodness...

Just thought I would write a really quick post on my current favourite smellies. I love the smell of mango so I just had to pick these up on my recent trip to the super market. The shower gel seriously smells so good and the smell lasts a really long time on my skin. For an extra dose of fruity freshness I like to douse myself with the body mist. It's also really good substitute for perfume. Quick pop to the shops or whatever I like to use this instead of wasting expensive fragrance. 

They have so many different smells to choose from too, passion fruit, raspberry, vanilla, peach, coconut. I'm sure there are more but I can't remember them all. You can also pick up a body scrub and lotion as well. 

The cherry on top is the price, they are currently on offer at 3 for £5 at ASDA. My sister is loving the passion fruit spray so I may have to quickly run out and purchase that one as well!

Thanks for reading guys, Becca...X

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