Wednesday, 9 April 2014

HD Brow and Eye Palette...

Since Cara Delevinge first graced the cover of magazines and walked the walk on catwalks we have all been obsessed with eyebrows. Her thick, bushy eyebrows are her main stand out feature and us girls have been dying to grow out our over plucked brows.

Unfortunately I was one of those girls who got very tweezer happy back in my early teens. Over plucked and seriously arched, I look back at old photos and cringe. And since then it has been a bit of a pain trying to grow them back out. As soon as I see any stragglers I get itchy tweezer fingers and have to really resist the urge not to pluck.

About a year or so ago I was introduced to HD brows. A 7 step procedure that transforms the look of any brows. After seeing several before and after pictures I was seriously impressed and booked myself an appointment. After being waxed, threaded, plucked, tinted, shaped and so on my brows nearly resembled Cara's. They looked so much thicker and the shape really suited my face. At £25 I was so happy I tried it out. The shape was easy to maintain and after the tint faded, I was able to use brow pencil or shadow to easily fill them in. My favourite brow product to use at the moment is the HD brow palette in Blonde Bombshell. As the name suggests this palette is best suited to blondes or light brown haired gals. It comes with 4 different shades, 2 ash-brown shades that are perfect to fill in the brow. A matte black, which I would use more as an eyeshadow. It's far too dark and obvious when used on the brow and a matte cream vanilla shade. This is the perfect colour to highlight the brow bone or as a base shadow for the lids. Long-lasting and smudge resistant it's so easy to create perfectly groomed brows in an instant. 

The palette also comes with 2 teeny-tiny brushes. A perfectly angled brush to apply the shadow to the brows and a small eyeshadow brush. 

There are different palettes to choose from all of which will be suited to your hair colour. Vamp - for dark haired girls,  Foxy - for brunettes and red heads and Blonde Bombshell - for blondes (obviously). The palette is available from for £19.95. However I recommend you check out eBay first as I managed to grab mine for £15.

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