Thursday, 19 April 2012

LUSH Hair Treatments...

Hi everyone! So today's post comes from my younger sister Olivia who wanted to tell you guys about these two LUSH hair treatments that she loves! Olivia has very thick hair and when it's in it's natural form can be quite dry & frizzy (she will kill me for saying that) so the R&B Revive & Balance treatment is a must. It helps to replenish moisture and repair split ends. Use a pea size amount and apply to the ends of dry hair and leave in. This product was originally invented for Afro hair types so if you have curly hair then this will let you embrace your curls instead of fighting with them!

For all the blonde beauties reading this, Olivia loves to use Marilyn Hair Moisturiser. This is a pre-wash treatment for blonde's who want lighter brighter hair. Whether you are bleach blonde or natural, you will want to keep brassy, orange tones at bay. Marilyn maintains the blonde you have, whilst chamomile and lemon combine to give a hint of a glint of brightness. Leave the treatment in for 30 minutes and then wash off with your favourite shampoo.

Thanks for reading.
Love Becca...X

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