Thursday, 14 November 2013

Lanolips Banana Balm...

I have heard nothing but good things about Lanolips products and when the Banana Balm hit the shelves it seemed that YouTube guru's and bloggers went a little bit crazy! I absolutely love flavoured lip products so there was really only one reason I bought it, it's banana flavoured! It's also a great lip conditioner and protector with over 50% of ultra pure grade lanolin. It also contains actual banana extract, shea, beeswax and coco butter, all lovely things to keep your lips super soft during winter.

The smell and flavour is AH-Mazing but if you don't like bananas then this product isn't for you but if you do then this is a must! It also contains tiny flecks of shimmer so it looks really pretty on the lips. I am seriously impressed with this stuff, it's non-sticky, ultra-moisturising and long lasting (if you can sustain from constantly licking it off your lips as it tastes pretty good!)

If your not a fan of banana then don't let this put you off trying something else as Lanolips do plenty of other lip products. I've heard that Lemonaid is supposed to be pretty good as well. Check out the entire range here

The Banana Balm is exclusive to Victoria Health for £8.99.

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